Past Winners

  • 1st Place Winner
  • Nightmares From A Past Life by Wallace Wang
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Uncontacted by Jacob Levy
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • El Gato by Gil Henry & Gillian Henry
Bad to Worse by Ralph Waine Hoy
Cotton by Jim Rothman
Fear the Dark by Lewis D. Taylor
Mute(d) by Robert Fernandez-Ferreira
Slaves to the Rhythm by Terry Connell
Time’s Past by Niven Kruidhof
Undue Influence by Antoinette Nalle
Vampires Everywhere by Molly Hale
Vivian by David Woll
Yule Regret This by Lauren Kent
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Holly by Jeff Williams
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Save the Night by Aaron Bradley
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Propensity for Violence by Laura Kirk
2 Milligrams by Gordon James Asti
Comedy Eyes by Jeff Blum & T.C. DeWitt
Complicity by Justine Raczkiewicz & Aleksandra Rychlicka
Death, Ghosts & Other Stuff by Shannon Walsh & Jack Gorman
Glow Stick by Michael Raymond
Great American Highway by Zoey Towner
Inevitable Cruelty by Emma Hicklin
Marathon Bride by Kate McCreary
Plume Raiders by Jeff Zampino
The Reluctant First Gentleman by Curt Samlaska
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Getting Rid of Sid by Amy Tebo
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Follow the Badge by Jayson Crittenden
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Bloop by Jack Robertson
Folie a Deux by Morgan Pepper
Frozen in Time by Sara Stiffler
Giant Void by Michael Reisinger
Memory #1 by Chris Gilmore
Parallel by Nick Padmore
Parole by Angeles Perez
Saint Catherine’s Boys by John Ravitz
Sally Skull by Kate Niemuller
The Carrier by Todd Restler
Why by Alfred Dunham
  • 1st Place Winner
  • A Reindeer Story by Jay Michael Jorgensen & Lisa Juslin
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Capsized by Scott Corbett
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Cracked Aces by Jeff Zampino
A Rising Sun on the River by Trevor Teehan
Darkly by Matthew Rochester
I Knew You First by Becky Fink
Joppatowne Hustle by Michael Mirabella
One Small Step For Neil by Tracie Laymon
Stuck by Faith Wender
The Ascendant by Andrew Carrigan
The Lower Levels by Emma Hicklin
The Monsters of Saint Margaret by Rachel Stevens
Why Goofy Hates Mickey by Rick Helin
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Boy Most Wanted by Tuck Tucker
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Jumping into Hemmingway’s Pool by Nick Roberts
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • The Girl Who Collected Sound by Steven Benedict
_Saved by Matthrw Millard & Sierra Phelps
Ann Hopkins by Eleanor Morrison
Everything Is Right Until It’s Wrong by Angela Bourassa
Pray for Death by Bob DeMars
Restoration by Don Stroud & Winter Mead
Secrets of the South by Waltre Richardson & Kathy Berardi
Starring…John Dillinger by Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
Treature Hunt by Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Walt by Robert Troccolo
Ziggy and Rachel by Michael Rispoli & Gregg Greenberg
  • 1st Place Winner
  • 1000 Beautiful Watts by Angela & Darren Croucher
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Broken Sinclair by Beth Ashby
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • The Half Of It by George Caine
Brainville by Mark Wasserman
Brechin Cross by Ryan M. Andrews
Foreclosed by Alexandra Swenson
Green v. City of New Orleans by Daniel Parino
Human, all too Human by Matthew Harris
Serpentine by David Tittone & David Torre
The Disease by Khalil Sullins
The Killer John Bidwell by Travis Lemke
Welcome to the Movie World by Bryan Bordon
You Are Not My Trigger by Paul Ashton
  • 1st Place Winner
  • The God Machine by Michael Bowler
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Regulars by Devon Colwell
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Spirit Lake by Alison Macinnis
Broken Chain by Jonathan Clancy
Jackalope by Steven Lankenau
LP by Zachary Taylor
Mummy’s Boy by Stewart McDonald
My Son Sam by Michael Droberg
Shooting Manson by Ron Pivo & Kevin Courtney
The Henry Manor Incident by Denise Williams
The Mary Jane Girls by Heidi Kozak
The Renovator’s Dream by Richard Vilensky
Universal Monster by Constantine
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Battle by Aaron Brophy
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • 60 Minutes to Sunset by Gregory Mulligan
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • One Of Us by Michael Kriegsman
Brutal by Chris Bell
Morty Pappins by Shane Smith
The Clock Maker by Dan Schmidt
The Fall of Byzantium by Nickolaus Swedlund
The Ghost and the Machine by R. Eric Lieb
The Olympians by Ryan A. Herring
The Way Station by Laurie Frankel
Vampira by Kendell Courtney Klein
Vicious Cycle by Richard D. Herrera Jr.
White Buffalo by Jan Kimbrough
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Diary of a Jesuit by Arthur Fishel
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Base by Shane McCabe
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Half-Breed by Leslie Farrell
Birdwatching Naked by Tom Batt
High Office by Jason Kessler
Living the Good Death by Scott Baron
Six X Six by Doug Lynch
The Day I Turned Gay by Alexandra Allred
The Flid Show by Richard Willett
The Flight of the Wasp by Andrea Brusa
The Memory Palace by Justine Gunn
The Secret Lover by John James Hickey
The Secret of Ebbets Field by Richard Seidman
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Elephant in the Room by Tom Morris
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Magic Kingdom by Michael McQuade
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Gowanus Canal by Cynthia Chatman
7th Son by William Maurer
Abaddon's Gate by Andrew Stein
Alpha by Christina Pamies
Columbine by Don Zorbbas
Downsizing by J. Brad Wilke
Everyone's a Critic by Carly Woodworth
Genesis Prime by Joe Crouch
Heidegger in Ruins by Jeffrey van Davis
Hell by Parker Briscoe
Warsaw by Kimberly Kaplan
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Goat by Jordan Rane
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Capitol Offense by Bennett Rea
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Pacoima by Kate Douglas
Banking on Betty by Geno Scala
Dragon Tail by Keith Hendrick
Family Gatherings by Bridget Gibson
Grave-Keeper by Richard Herrera
Land of Bones by Peter Floro
No Way Out by Andrew Mescher
Not For Sale by Sarelyn Radecke
The Taloquan Network by Robert Hestand
The White Shaman by Sean McConville
Where The Men Are by Wendy Wilkins
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Half-Life by Debra Hershkowitz
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • All or Nothing At All by Gary Sherwood
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Impending Dom by Chris Molinaro
Breakdown in Ye-Tsan by Reid Dodson
Cowboy by Alex Mindt & Randall Harvey
Dead End Job by Henry Fosdike
Faye by Matthew Bozin
Heritage by Michael Quintana
Jonnie the Black by Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick
Lily & Lilac by Jonathan Anderson
Sister Kevin by Mary Rogan
Straight Razor Jazz by David Scott Hay
Vegas Lounge by Robert Tomic
  • 1st Place Winner
  • The Floating of Hayes by John Woodard
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Fantastically Adventurous Adventures by Mike Jones
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • The Druggist by Ted Adams
Dali by Lorraine Mauvais
Father Patrick by Brian Pargac
High School Newspaper Wars by Jesse Dykstra
Max by Samantha Husik
Old Hag Syndrome by Tim Dankanich
Sumeria by Roy Cho & Biju Parekkadan
The Dark Reaches by Peter Fedorenko
The Quest for the Last Tree by Dave Seropian
Unmaking Love by Evan Laughlin
Will Success Spoil Mrs. MIller? by Matthew Fantaci
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Juice by Andrew James Carter
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Second Born by David Jagernauth
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • A Novel Approach to Suicide by Brien Kelly
A History Of Fools by Eric Podell
Come in from the Cold War by Bob Garden
Ladies and Gentlemen, John Wilkes Booth by Dan Barton
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Staff Development by Jon Bernstein
The Day the Daniels Left by Lydia Fantozzi
The Harrowing by Peter Gamble & Matt Yang King
The Lazarus Group by David Sakmyster
The Pornovsky Brothers by David Bertoni & Richard Halpern
Young Mortals by Michael Mahoney
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Madam I'm Adam by John Todd
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Lords of Splendor by John Griffin
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Keeping Up With the Joneses by Greg Lee & Grant Calof
Amazing by Todd Maidy
Diary of a Doorman by Dan Beckerman & Maren Sanders
Flaunt by Kevin Jones
Haunted by Daniel Abts
Hollywood & Vyin' by D. Scott Adams
Lucy in London by Tracy Ryan
Rebel: Son of Zed by Andrea Hayhurst
Superpants by Atif Shaikh
The Board by Mark Weiner
The Hacketts by John Andreini
  • 1st Place Winner
  • The Terminals by Matt Umbarger
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Child in the Dark by Damian Lahey and Ian Ogden
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Sober Living by Heather Regnier
360 by Richard Nguyen-Marshall
A Revolution in Urination by Christian Heinze
Carnies by Dean Ward & Matt Ward
Cedarpine Views by Mischa Ayoub
Palmer by Cheryl Guerriero
Soulmates by David Birkenhead
Spring-heeled Jack by David Pardue
The Fahey Men by Jane Holahan
Three Rivers by Brian Loschiavo & Josh Macuga
Willie Francis Must Die Again by Allan Durand
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Whale Farts by Brian Price & Samuel W. Gailey
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Code Name Veil by Matt Billingsly
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Emily’s Numbers by Paul Chepikian
L. A. Coincidental by Mike Mason
Love and Other Natural Disasters by Stephen Garvey
The Life of Mary Shelley by Deborah Baxtrom
Once Upon This Playground by Anne Kruse
Outrage by Stephen Garvey
Pink Pages by James Henderson
Playing Dead by Dick Belsky
The Buddy Grim Show by Scott Webster
The Housekeeper by Pamelja Ferderbar
The Wrinkleman by Bryan Hilson
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Can’t Live With ‘Em by Chris Pentzell
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Patriot Act by Steven C. Oppenheimer
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Danny LongLegs by Keli Rowley
Down the Aisle by Jase Ricci
Jekyll & Heidi by Lisa Yoffee
Match This by Anne Wallace
Pencil Men by Grant Janes & Brian Edgar
The American Family by Adam Moore
The Stadium by Zer Gonzales
The Sunshine Blond by Marilyn Mallory
The Uncertainty Principle by Nathan Bransford
The Wizard, the Farmer, and the Very Petty Princess by Daniel Fox
Triage by Shane O'Neill
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Limping Jokers by Rawle Brown
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Son of a Gun by M.J. Anderson & Richard Rossner
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Blood Diamonds by Margaret Dunlap
Black Mountain by Pezhman Jatala
Closer to Fine by Erin Engman
Go Ahead, Back Up by Sarah Skibinski
Panic Attack by Colin Perry
Playing Our Song by Andrea Perine
Santa Technologies by Tim Christian and Jeff Beals
The Curse of Old Bob by Anthony Stitt and Jeff Trently
The Family Partnership by Clark McCutchen
The Unkindness of Ravens by Allen Glover
Thunder in the West by Scott Grant
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Don Juan by Patrick Andrew O'Connor
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Jack and Jill by Cory Oliver and Clark McCutchen
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Redumption by Robert Gelber
Better Mouse Trap by Scott Cunningham
Damascus Road by Keith Harris
King of Manhattan by Aaron Mendelsohn
Life Weight by Vey Garofalo and Laura Connors
Lunch Box Hero by Jay Longshore
Slappy Goes To Hollywood by Christopher Pentzell
Tesla by Christopher Bradley
The Doubt Dragon by Jaime Buddle
The Secret of Lummi Island by Jane C. Turville
Toil and Trouble by Dan Saraceni
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Reckless Endangerment by Howard Skora
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • The Conspiracy by Robert C. Fleet
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Dining with Dinah by Theresa Shaw
Billy Bones by Jen Miller and Sophie Pegrum
Death Takes A Vacation by Gil Christner
Racing To The Altar by Dianna Ippolito
Snoop by Brett Cooper
Jungleland by Robert Martorana
The Lesser Evil by Glen Samuel
The Last Living Nephilim by Clayton Wold
Countenance by Neil H. Abramson
The Gunships of Orion by Ross Morfeld
Mr. J by Ruth Campbell
  • 1st Place Winner
  • The Trial of Alex Lord by Christopher V. Carlyle
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Standing In by Mark Pearson
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Love at First Sight or Your Love is Kicking My Ass by Sean Buk
Band O’Thieves by Andrew Knauer
Empty by Harry James Connolly
Let’s Mow by Joe Wilson
Negative Capability by James Macdonald & Karen Rizzo
Officer Down by Theresa Schwegal
Sucker Punched by Scott Morgan
The Intruder by Barbara Curry
The Tutor by Barbara Kymlicka
Watusimba by Rob Sandoval & Rita Sandoval
You Suck by Caroline Williams
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Ted Inc. by Rett Thompson
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Swing Vote by Mike Cunningham
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Bogey Size It by Patti Wall
I’m A Bereaver by Kenneth Wajda
The Kane Project by Daniel Tester
Pulp Chicken by Michael Gibson
Cloning Ms. Stone by Lou Wollin
The Ides of April by John Erick Dowdle
Egghead by RJ Anderson
Rumors of Peace by Irina Diether
Judy & Jackie Are Going To Hell by Alan Dryburgh & Jennifer MacFarlane
Distribution by David Guest
Lance Barnes, Post Nuke Dick by Stefan Petrucha
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Tell Me A Movie by Robert Weinberger
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • A Little Left of Center Field by Rick Livingston
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Third Class Cry by Sang Kyu Kim
Showstopper by Teena Booth
One Nation by Patrice Williams
Out of the Corner by Bill Knuth
Rex by Thomas Garvey
Push by Kendra LeFleur
Fine by Brian Peter Falk
The Last Real Man by Leslie Lendeman
The Inbetweener by Michael D. Robinson II
The Last Train by Jane Ilsa Wells and Ian W. Ginsburg
Social Insecurity by Steve Wisniewski
  • 1st Place Winner
  • Soul To Keep by Sean McElhiney
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • Falling Over Venus by Andrea Bailey
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Cruel Logic by Brian Godawa

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