2019 winners-OLD


posted August 1, 2019

_Saved by Matthew Millard & Sierra Phelps
13 Black Bird Lane by Dawn Fields
A by Emma Hicklin
A Custom of the Sea by Amanda Prentiss
A Lesson Before Leaving by Linda Begen
A Machine for Time by John Broadhead
A Sanctuary for Water Voles by Alex Hanno
A Tale of Two Cities by Amanda Treat
A Thousand Cuts by Randall Fontana
A War on Terror by Peter Haig
Aaron’s Law by David Blake Boyd
Aboriginal by James Beeler
Agent Thumb by Alison Parker & Rodriguez Fruitbat
Ali by Emma Catalfamo
All Art is Quite Useless by Jeff Racho
All The Way Happy by Melinda Hicks
American Ooze by William Chandler, Jr.
Americana by James Grayford
Amofidia by Alan West
An Interview with Hitler by Kenneth Robinson
Ann Hopkins by Eleanor Morrison
Another Day by Norman Hill
Anouk by Christian Linke
Ashes of War by Homero Bueno
Ashes to Ashes by Maggie Colligan
Asterisk by Vincent Veloso
Ba Ge (Myna Bird) by Yongle Wang
Bad Tau by Christopher Wilson
Batter Up! By James Humphrey
Battle Sisters by Michael Hardy
Beach Day by Matthew Herbertz
Beast by Mike Meade
Beloved by Julian Winter
Better Left Unsaid by Laurie Mona
Beyond the Seas by Michael Spohr
Beyond Their Years by Patrick Langille
Bill’s People by Mark Kratz
Birth of a Supervillian by Alec Gibbons
Black Bourbon by Travis Cox
Black Equinox by George Varotsis
Black White Blue by Murry Peeters
Blind Obedience by Betsy Green
Blood and Providence by Jacob Mittlestadt-Raab
Blood on the Dance Floor by Abhi Jeyakkumar
Blue Falcon Days by Vincent Vargas
Borderline by Peter Aston
Boundary Waters by Joann Buckley Collins & Eric Olson
Boy Most Wanted by Tuck Tucker
Breakaway Heart by Gary A. Piazza
Broken Halos by James Grayford
By The Dashboard Light by Sienna Golden Malik
Canada Waites by Laurie Brand
Carlisle by Jeff Davidson
Cause of Death by Andy Marjory
Celebration by Cameron Engelson
Centurion by David Grillo
Cerebral by Alex Avila
Challenger by Skye Emerson
Change of Fate by Cheryl Mott Smith
Cheap Action by Mark Gunnion
Chocolate Boy by Caroline Koivisto
Chopper Cowboys by Jeff Peters
City of Roses by Steve Walter
City of Stone by Jodi Kraus
Co-op by Matthew Wright
Codswallop by Paul Larsen
Cold Case by Geoff Hall
Collision of Duty by Jermaine Jones
Come Out Now by Javier Glossier
ConcertMistress by Caroline Rovello
Consumed by Don Stroud
Conversations with the Night Demon by Delraj Takher
Cooking Roster by Chilee Agunanna
Cooper by David Milwee
Corked by Nikki Wheeler
Corolla by Jackson Chow
Costume Drama by Marion McDowell
Crabs in a Bucket by Tal Almog
Crave by T. L. Quach
Crossing Open Ground by Ross Mayberry
Crushing It by Hamilton Mitchell
Daphne by Katharine McKenny
Dark Sails on the Horizon by Patrick Gamble
Darwin Rising by Richard Geiwitz
Dead Dudes by Winston Han
Dead End by Scott Pittock
Dead Guy Days by Jacob Mynatt
Dead Serious by Peter Nemenoff
Dead Water by Lisa Rysinger
Deep Pockets by Mark Latino
Delia by Amy Hutchins
Descendant by Chris Webb
Desdemona by Nelson Downend
Detective Rico by John Harris
Different by Philip Basin
Disappearing by Daniel Corrieri
Diseases of the Mind by Karan Sridharan
Disfluency by Anna Baumgarten
Dissonance by Eesha Mani-Krishna
DNA by Heather Farlinger
DNP by Aron Gerson
Doubtful Canyon by Rachel Fischer
Driftwood by Joe Greer
Duchess by Mary Portwood
East Farm by Lyle Smith
Eddie by Robyn Latter
Edith by Mike Mason
Electric Gardens by Amy Blackwelder & Bill Daley
Electric Indigo by Thomas Krutainis
Emery by Tanya Lemke
Enormity by Alex Muse
Enter the Game by Youcef Mahmoudi
Euthanized by Don Stroud
Even A Just Man Falls by Mark Christopher Boyd
Everything Is Right Until It’s Wrong by Angela Bourassa
Fake News Blues by Joe Grinstein
Family Remains by Bill Johnston
Fantasy Dates by Dawn Rochelle
Faster Than Horses by Chris Mul
Finnegan’s Wake by Sergiu Valcu
Flesheaters Anonymous by Josh Bradley
Fly Butterfly, Fly by Cecil Ronald
Flying Bird’s Diary by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Forever, Your Fireplace by Kristina Zill
Forget Me Not by Samantha Brewers
Forgotten by Alex Sosin
Fuck New Rome by Erik Sternberger
FUJH by Maggie Colligan
Funny Boneyard by Robert Tartell
Furious Storm: Curse of Egypt by Connie Gunnlaugsson
Gas Cloud by Daynon Sloane
Ghosts of the South by Courtney Miller
Girl Trouble by Devi Snively
Go Catch the Devil by Martin Blinder
Go Home by Sohrab Fracis
Green by Paul Wootton
Growing Up Crazy by Jane Peters
Hacked by Dylan Dockery
Hair Brain by Gary DeMoss
Hangwoman by Debra Sharkey
Hannibal, Missouri by Peter Buhl
Harmony by Atin Saxena
Havenwood by Jai Brandon
Headspace by Randy Horton
Hell’s Heaven by Charles Bonin
Her Weight On Me by Rebecca Lou
Hero of the Good Land by Logan Shaw
Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices by
High School Loser by Harrison Fowler
Hold Your Breath by Melina Maraki
Hollywood Nights by Chase Tucker
Holy Town by Danny Shoshan
Home of the Devils by Steven D’Addieco
Honeymoon by Erin Kelly
Hostile Creatures by Jon Sanhueza
Hot, Sweaty, Animal Sex by Helen Wentland
House Soiree by Nicole Minnig
Hunger by Michael Haddock
IceMaiden by Derrick Vaughan
Ida by Christine Feldman
In Between the River by Tishia Malone
In His Hands by Patrick Bonomo
In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story by Zack R. Smith & Andrew Miller
Incarnations by Albert M. Chan
Indecent Chemistry by Chad Comey
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
Into Silence by C. Andrew Hall
Invisible Prisons by Hoyt Richards
Jumping Into Hemingway’s Pool by Nick Roberts
Just Like That by Gene Golus
JYOTI by Jared Goodman
Kelli’s Family by Jordan Paree
Kent by Sarah Granger
Kill Star by Jade Syed-Bokhari
Kill Switch by Jaclyn S. Powell
Killing Houdini by Adam Steinfeld
Killing Kelko by Kieran Angelini
Knight of Destiny by George Alexanian
Knight of Hell by Christopher Barfoot
L.V.B. by Adham Adham
La Madame by L. Morris
Lady Marian by Wilhelm Martinez
Last Child by George Bradley
Last to Fall by Jim Maceda
Lean by Tal Rayman
Let Me Do Right By You by Sarah Byington-Butler
Letting Go by Estes Tarver
Like A Bloody Monkey by Maurizio Caduto
Little Apollo by Ryan Trefes
Little Girl Blue by Maceo Greenberg
Little Pretties by Steven A. Finly
Living in the Past by Bernhard Riedhammer
Lord Have Herschel by Michael Wohl
Lost Words by Daniel Lauder
Love on the Corner by Dennis Reed
Love Sick by Sherrill Schmidt
Love Virtually by Matthew Papadopoulos
Luna by Jackie Bateman
Made Flesh by William Gerrard
Magical Things by McKinnon Powell
Maine, Canada by Daniel Turkewitz
Major Players by Arthur Glenn
Man’s Lost Friend by Tony Mazzarella
Margot by Thomas Douglas Mann
Married in 24 Hours by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Mary and Dionysus by Iannis Aliferis
Matt and Amy by John Coyle
Me and My Warlord by Edward Gines
Mingo Road by Paul Cooper
Miraculous by Stephen Gamber
Misdial by Joshua Fagan
Miss Violet by Christopher Schrack
Mom Mafia by Michele Mathis
Money Talks by Jeremy Gurvits
Moonshot by Matthew Lucas
Mother Inside by Jesmond Francis
Muscle and Bark by Gina DeAngelis
My Bro’s a Hero by Lina Isaacs
My Father’s Murders by Michael Salomon
Needs and Deeds by Tom Adams
New Orleans Summer Dance Party by Eric Sollars
Ninety Proof by Nick Lentz
No Idea by Ignacio Fernandez Montoli
No Man’s Land by Elad Ziv
Nobody Said Goodbye by Alex Simon
Numb by Chris Webb
Omega Point by James Bingham
Once Upon aMerica by J. Ian Sample
Once Upon Lives by Sandrine Dugas
Once Upon A Crime: Motor City by Angelo Dania
Open House by Sean Jourdan
Outside the Wire by Reinhard Cate
Over the Clouds by Guilherme Viegas
Pack by Aaron Wasserteil
Paradize City by Megan McMurray
Passing Ships by Andrew Quailes
Pathfinders by Martin Arnest
People of the Dawn by Kathleen Caslin
Personal Demons by Steven Bray
Phantom in Time by Douglas MacLeod
Piggy Banks by Sierra Sanborn
Plastic People by Alex Rinehart
Play It Cool by Allison Osborne
Possum by Lyndal Simpson
Power Couple by DJ Johnson
Prae for the Dead by Ryan Porter
Pray for Death by Bob DeMars
Prelude by Cheryl Malakoff
PreNup by Raymond Gibbs
President’s Day by Chris O’Neill
Pretty People by Shelby Blake
Purgatory by Guy Noland
Putting Up With the Petrovians by Joe Eatman & Stu Baker
Pyramid Scheme by Kelly Campbell
Queen Of All by Nicholas Carleton
Rebuild by Paul Santana
Red Arrow by Manuel Gay
Reenactment by Marshall Ferrin
Reflection by Joey Rayburn
Remy by James Grayford
Republic of Winneconne by Lisa Franek
Restoration by Don Stroud & Winter Mead
Return to Sainte Helene by Judith Kenyon
Reunion by Cadell Cook
Revelations by Sean Mogridge
Ride by Seamus Leger
Riparian by Spenser Querry
Rise by Edward Coffey
Rock Bottom by Mark Whitman
Rock, Paper Scissors by Helen Kaplan
Rose and Betsy by Maria Sanchez
Rust by Guy Pooles
S.H.A.R.P. by Josh Auter
Sage by Kenny Rich
Sallywood by Xaque Gruber
Sammy by Kara Jacobson
Saving Saskia by Allyssa Constable
Saving The West by Kathleen Sears
Savior by Edward Dietrich
Second Place by S. Curtis
Secrets of the South by Walter Richardson & Kathy Berardi
Seed of Knowledge by Eleonora Mignoli
Seen and Unseen by John Olshefski
Seen, Unseen by Anita Palathingal
Sequins by Amy Clarke
Sergeant Stubby by Shannon Hile
Seven Moons by Jacob James Henry
Shaka by Warren Duncan
She Can Fly Too by Ushmey Chakraborty
She Hard by J. Jabbour
She’s Someone’s Daughter by Kevin Donner
She’s Still Got Game by Linda Freeman
Sheltered Earth by Bill Burton
Shooting Stars by Michael Lederer
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Shutters Down by Rick Limentani
Simple Bensons by Martin Thuernau
Sinjar by Ben Browne
Sinners by Nicholas Nogueira
Sky by Clint Cortez & Mark Cortez
Slave Ship by Tyler True
Snowberry by T. Michael Serrani
Sons of Man by D. C. Lozar
Spy Off by Odin Ozdil
Starring…John Dillinger by Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
Stay by Arvin Panganiban
Strangers to America by Deven Patel
Studs by Adrienne Thorne
Suburban Spell by Judi MacKenzie
Surface Tension by Steve Wisniewski
Susan the Spy by Alva Moore
Symbolic Attraction by Saidi Anzuruni
Tail by Michael Winingham
Taking Down the Met by Andrea Forrest
Tendencies of a Beast by Justin Bergman
The Adventures of a Time Traveller by Lewis Booth
The Anklebiter by Andy Jones
The Backslider’s Club by McKenzie Hamilton
The Barista by Jeffrey Murzynski
The Battle of Stars by Michael Rankers
The Big World of Little Lu-Lu Bell by Suzanne Varney
The Blue Nile by Richard Bailey
The Cages of Corcoran by Virginia Bola
The Call of Shaitan by Ken Oxman
The Change by John Iadarola
The Circus by Woting Cai
The Comeback by Cedric Shelton
The Comfort Zone by Xaque Gruber
The Convergence by Emily Rose Laochua
The Cowbird by Keith and Cassie Hayasaka
The Crack in Peggy Sue’s Floor by John Woodard
The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska by Sean Buckley
The Diary of Roman Thurgood by Timothy Burnham
The Dinner Table by Ezra Ani
The Dirty Blonde by Sven Anarki
The Euphonia by Sydney Brown
The Fable of the Wounded Healer by Rebecca de Fargues
The Farm by Patrick Schopp
The Feed by Celeste Chaney
The Fierce White Lady of Chinatown by Jason Chan
The Fixer by Michael Davison
The Funeral Singer by Elizabeth Johnson
The Girl in the Forrest by Simon Deeley
The Girl Who Collected Sound by Steven Benedict
The Goose by Mark Davidson
The Greatest Christmas Escape by Brian Angelo
The Huntsman & The Happy Couple by Brian Kazmarck
The Incredible World of Ytron by Regiane Margonar
The Intersection by Chantae King
The Land of Oz-Zoo by William Sikorski Jr.
The Last Video Store in America by Chad Smith
The Legend of Molly Maguire by Thomas Snow
The Liberator by Joshua Carback
The Lonely Hero of Someplace Else by Michael Bruno
The Lost Camp by Connor Etter
The M&M Boys by Gino DeMarco
The Middle Ages by Julie O’Hora
The Night Witches by Steven Prowse
The Ones That Got Away by Bobby Gorman & Marc Adams
The Operator by Huey Q. Pham
The Padre by Alex Davidson
The Paul Bearers by Jonathan Hall
The Pre-Nup by Merrit Schmidt
The Prize by Suzanne Lacey
The Quicksilver Pleasure Club by Matt Pacini
The Revolt of the Whales by Michael Rhodes
The River Wars by Rob McLaughlin
The Road Less Traveled by Michael Simons & Rease Rudick
The Rules That Keep Us Safe by Markus Meedt & Gemma Hurley
The Sauce Was Worth It by Luke Guidici
The Scouts by David Hudacek
The Second Man by Dan Duthie
The Senior Senior by Douglas Pike
The Sissy Issue by Cime Bruce
The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
The Soul Collection by Gia El Aynaoui
The Strange Lives of Alice by Regiane Margonar
The Swiss Guard by Kyle Fleishman
The Tiger of Light by Courtney Bowen
The Tower by Ed Wiles
The Trouble With Harmony by Stephen Downs
The Vacant Lot by Camille J. Mitchell
The Waiting Room by Joel Stern
The Wetback by James Kirk
The Wind in My Heart by Michal Szalonek
The Writer’s Block by Nicolaus Taylor
The Zenith by Nyle Cavazos Garcia
This Town by Steve Clark & Alex Williams
Those We Leave Behind by Will Stewart
Throw Away a Miracle by Jerry Perez
Toni/Tony by Rachel James
Tooth and Fang by Grant Harvey
Trashed by Samuel Williams
Treasure Hunt by Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Tres Banditos by Thomas Leupp
Trouble Inherited by Harish Kumar
True Story of the Perfect 36 by Veronica Tabares
Turnover by Matthew Borlik
Unassigned Lands by Katie Golden
Under Cover of Trust by Robert Gokay
Until We Meet Again by Tracey Thompson
Vampires for Beginners by Boris Coll
Variations on Love and Madness by Kenneth Kokin
Venus Touch by Diana Wagman & Tod Mesirow
Vincent’s Muse by Joelle Burnette
Vultures by Michael Carvaines
Waiting for Happiness by Nelda Turcios
Walt by Robert Troccolo
Warrior Girl by Laurie Whitaker
Wasters by Eddie Rattray
We’ll Make Great Pets by Joshua Poley
What If You Knew? By Rolf Pfannerer
What’s Mine…is Mine by Anna Koukouli
Where the Ground Touches the Sky by Brittney McCallum
White Chapel by Christine Twyman
White Christmas by Shia LeBeouf
Whittaker, Alger and Dick by Stephen Witty
Will Be The Strength by Robb Hanson
Wizards of Happiness by Rich Malory
Ziggy and Rachel by Michael Rispoli & Gregg Greenberg

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