Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular people” because they cannot do anything with your script. We go right to the source – a producer, manager or agent, they can make a difference, they can option your script, buy it, set-up a meeting or go straight to the studio with it.

When your script arrives to our office, it is numbered and then entered into our database and within 2-3 days it is then sent to a producer, manager or agent. Each judge receives 40 scripts and has 4-5 months to do all the reading. We have roughly about 80 producers, managers and agents onboard reading every year (please check our Judges page for the current list).

Scriptapalooza pre-screens each producer, manager and agent and makes sure that they are legitimate, associated with a studio or have extensive credits. This pre-screening benefits you the writer, making sure we have the best producers, managers and agents onboard.

Also, each producer, manager and agent can request certain genres and we make sure that we accommodate them with the exact genre they request.

The judging process is anonymous. When we receive your script we number it and the judge will only know the title of the script and number.

After all the reading is done by the producers, managers and agents the judges then email us the titles of the scripts they think should move forward to the next round. Then Scriptapalooza re-reads all the recommended scripts and decides who makes Quarterfinalist, Semifinalist, Finalist, Runner-Up and Winners.

We will announce the levels on these dates:

  • Quarterfinalists – Late July
  • Semifinalists – First week in August
  • Finalists – August 10
  • Winners – August 15

The Scriptapalooza score sheets are strictly confidential.

Every judge has to fill out a score sheet for every script. Each category is graded 5 through 1 numerically.

5 excellent – 4 very good – 3 good – 2 fair – 1 poor

  • Format
  • Grammar
  • Originality
  • Plot
  • Story
  • Pacing
  • First 20 Pages

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