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Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular people” because they cannot do anything with your script. We go right to the source – a producer, manager or agent, they can make a difference, they can option your script, buy it, set-up a meeting or go straight to the studio with it.

Lawrence Bender Productions

Janet Jeffries, Creative Executive
Credits: Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs

Ghost House Pictures

Romel Adam, Producer
Credits: Poltergeist & Evil Dead

Paramount Pictures

Brandon Loureiro, Development
Motion Picture Company

Cinelou Films

Robert Shy, Development
Credits: Cake

Destiny Pictures

James Colmer, Producer
Credits: Dose of Reality & My Run

Trusik Talent Management

Paul Trusik, Manager
Management Company

Good Deed Entertainment

Nikki Stier, Development
Credits: Tomorrow You’re Gone

Farah Films

Andrew Farah, Manager
Management Company

Candy Heart Productions

Rachel Belofsky, Producer
Credits: Going to Pieces & 65 Roses

Original Film

Amanda Lewis, Development
Management Company

Barnstorm Films

Tony Bill, Producer
Credits: Pitch & North Country

Kersey Management

Andrew Kersey, Manager
Management Company

Sixth Sense Productions

David Levinson, Development
Credits: Hotel Rwanda

Victoria Films

Anna von Dziembowska, Producer
Credits: Moving in Circles and Missing

Jon Shestack Productions

Jon Shestack, Producer
Credits: Before I Fall & Dan in Real Life

Antidote Films

Takeo Hori, Development
Credits: The Kids Are All Right

Intellectual Property Group

Josh Dove, Manager
Management Company

Echo Lake Entertainment

Kegan Schell, Development
Credits: Truth & Nebraska

9.14 Pictures

Don Argott, Producer
Credits: The Art of the Steal

Tailwind Productions

Mary Conte


Tariq Jalil, Producer
Credits: The Book of Leo & Dilbert

Hero Artists

Jessica Martins, Development
Management Company


Katrina Nahikian, Producer
Credits: Bloody Numbers

Foremost Films

Jeffrey Belkin, Producer
Credits: Revenant Blindsided

Sobini Films

Tyler Boehm, Creative Executive
Credits: Streets of Legend

Affinity Talent Agency

Ross Grossman, Manager
Management Company

Suntaur/Elsboy Entertainment

Zac Sanford, VP Development
Credits: On Thin Ice & A Force of One

Madhouse Entertainment

Jaclyn Murdock, Development
Credits: The Bounty Hunter

The Radmin Company

Liana Harotian, Creative Executive
Credits: Next Best Thing

Church Hugger Management

Gary Churchwell, Manager
Management Company

The Bauer Company

Josh Bauer, Manager
Management Company

Entertainment Lab

Alex Brenner, Manager
Management Company

Vision Art Management

Mark Woodvine, Manager
Management Company

Serendipity Literary Agency

Nadeen Gayle, Agent
Literary Agency

Au Courant

Nancy Scanlon, Development
Credits: The Velvet Gentleman

Arenas Group

Andres Rodriquez, Development
Credits: Bless Me, Ultima & Empire

Sigh Griffin Management

Sigh Griffin, Manager
Management Company

Seven Bridges Group

Travis Bell, Manager
Management Company

Avery Management

Dionell Guanco, Manager
Management Company

Delve Films

Isaac Testerman, Producer
Production Company

Phoenix Pictures

Michael Peterson, Development
Credits: Black Swan & License to Wed

WhiteWater Films

Bert Kern, Creative Executive
Credits: Nearing Grace & Halloween


John Dunne, Development
Credits: Starry Eyes & San Andreas

Day 28 Films

Yoona Yi, Development
Credits: Mother of the Street

Garlin Pictures

Brian Etting, Producer
Credits: Malibu’s Most Wanted

LLeju Productions

Keith Perkins, Development
Credits: Cat Run 2 & In The Blood

Moxie Films

Drew R. Figueroa, Producer
Credits: Revolucion & Farmingville

Heroes and Villians Entertainment

Isabella Mastrodicasa, Development
Management Company

Zest Productions

Scott Hyman, Development
Management Company

Metaphor Entertainment

Sharon, Development
Credits: Front Seat Chronicles


Margery Walshaw, Development
Management Company

Underground Films

Reed Baumgarten, Development
Credits: All About Steve

Abrams Artists Agency

Amy Wagner, Agent
Literary Talent Agency

Bellevue Productions

John Zaozirny, Development
Credits: Always Watching & Eli

JB Productions

Justin Bursch, Creative Executive
Management Company

Ars Nova

Dan Kagan, Creative Executive
Credits: Black Dynamite

Ruckus Film Works

Brandon Ruckdashel, Creative Executive
Credits: Grinder


Tony Zequeria, Manager
Management Company

Casey Silver Productions

Matthew Reynolds, Creative Executive
Credits: Gigli & Ladder 49

Catchlight Films

Jeanette Volturno-Brill, Producer
Credits: Amy’s Orgasm & Black Tulip

Claire Best & Associates

Doug Hashimoto, Agent
Literary Talent Agency

D’Avekki Studios Limited

Tim Cowles, Producer
Credits: The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

Ufland Productions

Chris Ufland, Producer
Credits: Crazy/Beautiful

Little Studio Films

Alexia Melocchi, Partner
Credits: Ice Cream, Pushed & Galleon

Capital Creations

Jamie Wager, Manager
Management Company

BoulderLight Pictures

Keaton Heinrichs, Creative Executive
Credits: Dementia & Contracted

Mean Streets Management

Tamar Simon, Manager
Management Company

Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe, Producer
Credits: Battle in Seattle and Tortured

Golden Touch Film

Andy Pett, Producer
Credits: Life with Death

Incendiary Features

James LaMarr, Producer
Credits: Dead Awake & 200 Hours

Fireshoe Productions

Eric Colley, Producer
Credits: Louisiana Cavair & Last Seen in Idaho

Noirtainment Productions

Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Writer-Director
Credits: Marisa Romanov Reboot

Full Auto Films

Chad Ridgely, CEO
Credits: Massacre on Aisle 12

Fresh Face Pictures

Jesse Dykstra, President
Credits: Christopher Brennan Saves the World

Metropolis Multimedia Company

Sameer Hanchate, Producer
Credits: Gafla & Yaadein


John Schulte, Director
Credits: Blair Witch Project

DCG Arts

Chuck Griffith, Owner, Executive Producer
Credits: Thank You & Good Night

Emotional Content

Rajiv Shah, Producer/Writer-Director
Credits: Run the Tide


Goffredo Fiori, Producer
Credits: Schemes of Affection & Valparaiso

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