2005-1999 Headlines

2005-2002 Headlines

Jo Films OPTIONS Go Ahead Back Up
Sarah Knight of Jo Films has optioned Go Ahead Back Up by writer Sarah Skibinski.

CatchLight Films OPTIONS Black Mountain
CatchLight Films has optioned Black Mountain by writer Pezhman Jatala, a Finalist.

Enterprise Entertainment OPTIONS The Curse of Old Bob
Enterprise Entertainment has optioned The Curse of Old Bob by writers Anthony Stitt & Jeff Trently.

CatchLight Films OPTIONS Remains
CatchLight Films has optioned Remains by Jennifer Boch-Wawrzyniak, a Semi-finalist.

Garlin Pictures OPTIONS Son of a Gun
Garlin Pictures has optioned Son of a Gun by writers M.J. Anderson & Richard Rossner.

William Morris Agency requests 3 scripts
The William Morris Agency has requested to read Limping Jokers, Son of a Gun and Panic Attack.

Paramount Pictures request 2 winners and 8 finalists
Justin Jones of Paramount Pictures has requested Limping Jokers, Blood Diamonds, Santa
Technologies, Murdergirls, Specially Marked Packages, Sweeps, Panic Attack, Rocket & Flutter,
Good Egg and Dose of Reality.

Cinergi Pictures contacts Semifinalist from 2004
Jordan Cerf from Cinergi Pictures has requested contact info for Revelation 20:7, a 2004 Semi.

Smart Entertainment requests 5 scripts
Colin O’Reilly has requested to read Houseguests, Leave, Peg, Probation and Crossed.

Crescent Sky Entertainment requests writer contact info
Tariq Jalil has requested contact info for Rocket & Flutter, written by Duane Piedmont.

New Wave Entertainment request 16 scripts
Chris Emerson from New Wave has requested Santa Technologies, The Curse of Old Bob, Extra Credit
Inseparable, Gary Million, Murdergirls, Felix the Flyer, Reality Check, Specially Marked Packages, Rocket
and Flutter, Kiss the Ghost, Modern Day Gunman, Shifter, Peg, Sweeps and The Houseguests.

Kustom Entertainment request 3 scripts
Jesse Chapman at Kustom reuqested to read The Unkindness of Ravens, Thunder in the West and
Santa Technologies.

Filbertsteps request 13 scripts
Filbersteps has requested to read The Family Partnership, The Unkindness of Ravens, Bubba & Me,
Extra Credit, Inseparable, Murdergirls, The Sewing Room, Harbor, Big Blind, Leave, Behind the Scenes,
Probation and Going Nowhere.

Crescent Sky request contact info for writer
Tariq Jalil has requested contact info for the script, Accidental Patriots by Michael Dugan.

Avatar Entertainment requests winners
Jake Wagner request to read the top 3 winners.

Energy Entertainment request 4 scripts
Brooklyn Weaver requests to read Gary Million, Murdergirls, Daddy’s Girl and Reality Check.

Lancaster Gate requests 3rd place winner contact info
Brian Schlichter has requested contact info for Blood Diamonds, written by Margaret Dunlap.

Paradigm Literary Agency requests winners and 2 finalists
Orion Prout has rquested to read the top 3 winners and Extra Credit and Bubba & Me.

Crescent Sky request 17 scripts
Tariq Jalil has requested Santa Technologies, St. Paul’s Row, Beached, Murdergirls, Love and Other
Natural Disasters, Specially Marked Packages, Wrath, Fearfully Wonderfully, The Seduction Diet, Kiss
the Ghost, Hymn!, Lonely Mice, V3, Accidental Patriots, Accidental, Queen of Hearts and The Winning Bronco.

Kaplan Perrone request to read 2nd Place Winner
Jody at Kaplan Perrone has requested to read Son of a Gun.

Abrams Artists Agency requests top 3 winners
Samantha Ryan, an agent at Abrams Artists has requested to read the Top 3 winners.

3 Arts Entertainment request top 3 winners
Diane Gordon from 3 Arts has requested the Top 3 winners.

Wolfrom Productions contacts 2 writers
Dawn Wolfrom has contacted Yvonne Delet of Daddy’s Little Girl and Wicked, written by Dave Richards.

Archer Entertainment request top 3 winners
Judd Taylor of Archer Entertainment requests the Top 3 winners.

First Entertainment request 4 scripts
Colin O’Reilly has requested to read Jack in the Box, Defending Eden, The Heart of God is Breaking in the Sky and 9/11 Kevin.

The Radmin Company request 8 scripts
The Radmin Company has requested to read Notch 22, Solitary, No Strings Attached, The Fact Checker, Life Weight, Toil and Trouble, Lunch Box Hero and King of Manhattan.

Imagemaker Films request 2 scripts
Steven Pearl has requested to read King of Manhattan and Damascus Road.

David Kirschner Productions request 3 scripts
Nick Shaheen has requested to read Lunch Box Hero, Toil and Trouble and The Secret of Lummi Island.

Aurora Productions request 3 scripts
Madison Laine has requested to read Lunch Box Hero, King of Manhattan and Irish Funny Papers.

Hopscotch Pictures request 2 scripts
Courtney Rabada has requested to read Lunch Box Hero and Tesla.

Mark Victor Productions request 13 scripts
Anne Russell has requested to read Nick of Time, King of Manhattan, Irish Funny Papers, Reincarnate, Tight, Ezili’s Necklace, The Cook The Queen and The Pumpkin Prince, Ghost Town, Third Eye, Utterly Alien, Cable Car, In The Hands of Fate and Crystal Peaks.

Energy Entertainment request 4 scripts
Brooklyn Weaver has requested to read Lunch Box Hero, Solitary, Dirt and No Strings Attached.

Crescent Sky request 13 scripts
Tariq Jalil has requested to read Lunch Box Hero, Better Mouse Trap, The Groomless Bride, The Ghost, Solitary, Dig Two Graves, Pawn Takes King, Rock Paper Scissors, Napoleon, The Fact Checker, Virgil’s Odyssey, Death Valley and Nick of Time.

Lancaster Gate Entertainment request contact info
Brian K. Schlichter has requested contact information for Solitary, a finalist and Yard Sale, a semifinalist.

Funnagan Entertainment options Jack in the Box
Brian Funnigan has optioned semifinalist Jack in the Box by writer Heidi Lebauer.

Ensemble Entertainment request 2 scripts
Yoni Ovadia has requested Better Mouse Trap and Switching Parties.

Acuna Entertainment request 5 scripts
Mark Strano, at Acuna has requested to read The Groomless Bride, Solitary, No Strings Attached,
Sophomore and Italian Hero.

Underground Films request 9 scripts
Will Lowery at Underground has requested to read WW II-K, No Strings Attached, Ghost Town, Strike Zone, Rock Paper Scissors, Go Get Her, Hiding Larry, The Groomless Bride and In The Shadow of Evel.

Genesis Literary Agency comes onboard as a judge
Genesis Literary Agency is joining Scriptapalooza to read scripts as a judge.

Anonymous Content comes onboard as a judge
Anonymous Content is joining Scriptapalooza to read scripts as a judge.

Vertigo Entertainment comes onboard as a judge
Vertigo is joining Scriptapalooza to read scripts as a judge.

Rope The Moon Productions requests 2003 winners
Rope The Moon has requested to read the three winners from the 2003 competition.

Incognito Entertainment requests 2003 winners
Incognito has requested to read the three winners from the 2003 competition.

Mason Burgess Lifschultz request info on 3 writers
Mason Burgess Lifschultz, a literary management company and a Judge in the 2003 5th Annual has requested contact information for 3 writers after reading their scripts. The scripts include: The UNDERSTUDIES, by Rod Johnson, 12 by Erilk Ratcliff and THE GRAND by Steven Gasta who upon being told his contact info was given to one of our judges replied “It is a true testament to the quality and sincerity behind your competition when actual contacts are made. I cannot thank you and the Scriptapalooza staff enough for the wonderful service you provide to emerging writers.”

Cornucopia Pictures contact writer
2003 Judge, Cornucopia Pictures, a production company whose credits include: Race the Sun, The Disappearance of Vonnie, Rainman, and Grosse Point Blank has requested contact information for screenwriter Randy Cruts after reading his submission TIDEWALKER.

Victor Prods. request contact info
2003 Judge Victor Productions, a production company with a deals at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Showtime Networks and USA Network have requested contact info from a 2003 entrant, Larry LaVercombe after reading his script, THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME.

Saffron Mgmt. request contact info
2003 Judge Saffron Management has requested contact info for THE HUNDRETH MONKEY by Casey Pinkston and Julian Londono, 2003 entrants in the 5th Annual Screenwriting Competition.

Origin Entertainment sign 2 writers
Literary Manager and 2003 Judge, Colin O’Reilly has signed two 2003 entrants: SECOND WIND by Stephen M. Devlin and SNOOP by Brett Cooper.

The IT Company request 2002 scripts
The IT Company has signed on to read the 2002 top scripts. The newly formed literary and management company is aggressively seeking strong material. After reading loglines they have requested runners up; LET’S MOW, NEGATIVE CAPABILITY, SUCKER PUNCHED, WATUSIMBA, and YOU SUCK as well as finalists: GORGEOUS LIVING, INTERCESSION and MEMORY (who at this time is holding off due to his relationship with our other participant Viviano Entertainment and their interest in the script).

2002 finalist sells script
Barbara Curry, a former federal criminal prosecutor, sold her first script, The Intruder, to Senator Films after being named a runner-up in Scriptapalooza’s 2002 screenwriting competition. Gavin Palone’s Pariah is producing. As a direct result of the Scriptapalooza competition, Curry signed with manager Bettina Viviano of Viviano Entertainment. She thereafter signed with Agent Scott Henderson of Genesis. The script sold in November 2002.

2002 Runner Up “The Intruder” is signed
Bettina Viviano, Producer, President and literary manager of Viviano Entertainment “Three to Tango”, “Caught in the Act”, “Letters From Joe”, a Scriptapalooza participant has signed Barbara Curry, writer of the 2002 Runner Up script “The Intruder”.

2002 17 Finalists’ Contact Info Requested
Pam Brown, an independent development associate, has requested contact information for all 17 Finalists in the 2002 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition.

2002 17 Finalists’ Contact Info Requested Again
John Lash, from First Entertainment, “The First Bastard”, “Anger Management” has requested contact information for all 17 Finalists in the 2002 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition.

Longbow Productions requests Quarter Finalists
Marla White, VP of Development,“Secret Cutting”, “Summer of Ben Tyler”, “A League of Their Own” has requested contact information for “The Sultan’s Daughter” by Kate Ayrton & Abby Everett Jaques and “Eyes of Innocence” by Josh S. Henaman, Quarter Finalists in the 2002 Competition.

2001 Runner Up Optioned
“Pulp Chicken” by Michael Gibson was recently optioned by MFD Films for an undisclosed amount.

2001 Runner Up Director Attached
“Lance Barnes: Post Nuke Dick” by Stefan Petrucha currently has director Scott Billips (Visual Effects Supervisor for Mulholland Drive) attached to direct, and John Glover (Luthor’s Father from Smallville) attached to play the villain.

Roadside Attractions request 2002 Semi Finalist & Finalist
Chad Marting, Director of Development at Roadside Attractions “Lovely & Amazing”,”Trick” has requested contact information for 2002 Semi Finalist “Streams of Conscious” by Richard Anthony Cooley, Jr. and Finalist “After Darwin” by Nicolaus Aufdenkampe.

Victor & Grais request 2002 Quarter Finalists
Victor & Grais “Poltergeist”, Stephen King’s “Sleepwalkers”, Deal with MGM and USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel has requested contact information for Quarter Finalists “Shattered Pearl” by Debora Vickers – Mawji, “The “Ladies Room” by Kelli Crawford, and “Western Star” by Stephanie J. Witte & Paula M. Witte.

Rough Diamond requests 2002 Semi & Quarter Finalists Rough Diamond “Blackpoint”, “Lone Hero”, “The Setup” has requested contact information for 2002 Quarter Finalist “Gene” by David Mills, Semi Finalist “Fairyland” by Andrew Crouch and Semi Finalist “Jumped” by Kent Faulcon.

A Band Apart requests 2002 Runners Up
Janet Jeffries, Creative Executive from A Band Apart, deal with Miramax, “Pulp Fiction”, “The Mexican”, “Reservoir Dogs” request to read 2002 Runners Up, “Let’s Mow” by Joe Wilson, “Sucker Punched” by Scott Morgan, “The Tutor” by Barbara Kymlicka, and “Negative Capability” by Karen Rizzo & James MacDonald.

Roadside Attractions request 2002 Runner Up
Chad Marting, Director of Development has requested to read 2002 Runner Up “The Tutor” by Barbara Kymlicka.

David Ladd FIlms request 2002 Runners Up
Megan Dunleavy, Director of Development, deal with MGM, “Mod Squad”, “Rainbow and the Serpent” has requested to read 2002 Runners Up “Negative Capability” by Karen Rizzo & James MacDonald, “Sucker Punched” by Scott Morgan, and “You Suck” by Caroline Williams.

Reiner/Greisman requests 2002 Runners Up
Keith Lessor has requested to read 2002 Runners Up “You Suck” by Caroline Williams, “The Tutor” by Barbara Kymlicka, “Negative Capability” by Karen Rizzo & James MacDonald and “Empty” by Harry James Connolly.

Shoreline Entertainment requests 2002 Runners Up
Sawako Matsuo, Director of Development “Flight of Fancy”, “The Visit”, “The Godson” has requested to read 2002 Runners Up “Empty” by Harry James Connolly and “Watusimba” by Rob Sandoval & Rita Sandoval.

Terra Bella requests 2002 Runners Up
Susanna Bieger, Co-Producer at Terra Bella “Titus”, “Dead Silence” and “The Associate” requests to read all 2002 Runners Up.

2001 Headlines

Evolution Entertainment request 6 runners-up
Evolution Entertainment request to read, “Cloning Ms. Stone”, “Lance Barnes, Post Nuke Dick”, “Judy
and Jackie Are Going To Hell”, “The Kane Project”, “Bereaver” and “Distribution”.

AMG contacts 2nd Place Winner
AMG, requests contact information for our 3rd Place Winner, Patti Wall, who wrote “Bogey Size It”.

AMG request all runners-up
AMG, Mike Ovit’s management group request to read all the runners-up from the competition.

Panoptic Pictures request runner-up
Panoptic Pictures request to read “Cloning Ms. Stone” written by Lou Wollin.

Immortal Entertainment request all runners-up
Immortal Entertainment request to read all the runners-up from the 2001 competition. A total of 10
scripts were sent to them.

Samuel Goldwyn request runner-up
Tasha Cronin, Head of Development requests to read “The Kane Project” written by Daniel Tester.

Phoenix Pictures requests runner-up
Phoenix Pictures requests to read “Judy and Jackie Are Going To Hell” written by Alan Dryburgh and
Jennifer MacFarlane.

‘BedBugs,’ by Colin Costello gets optioned
Colin Costello, a Scriptapalooza 2001 Finalist, his script “BedBugs” was optioned by bon
Mar Entertainment with a purchase price of low six figures. Colin says “Being a Finalist got it
(the script) a lot of attention. Reaching Semi-finalist encouraged them to purchase BedBugs.”

4 more production companies come onboard
Bandeira Entertainment, Evolution Entertainment, A Happy Place Productions and Adam Klein Productions all requests the top 3 winners.

Scriptapalooza participants updated!
Over 15 new production companies join Scriptapalooza’s elite group that read the winning scripts.

Stefan Petrucha, Runner-Up signs with Brad Wyman Management
Stefan Petrucha, who wrote “Lance Barnes, Post Nuke Dick” signs with Brad Wyman. Brad is a veteran producer with over a decade’s experience. Some of his many films include Susan’s Plan, Trees Lounge and The Dark Backward.

Daily Variety features Scriptapalooza
Daily Variety announces Scriptapalooza’s $25,000 Grand Prize Winner.

PLus Films requests 2 more scripts
Patrice Williams, a runner-up, has 2 scripts requested by PLus Films.

Jamie Wilson’s developement deal moves forward
Jamie Wilson development deal is passing thru the initial stages quickly.

2000 Headlines

Daily Variety features Scriptapalooza
Daily Variety Magazine, one of the leading industry trade papers, features Scriptapalooza and Screenplay Systems joining forces.

Entertainment Weekly Magazine features Scriptapalooza
Scriptapalooza is proud to be the only screenwriting competition featured in Entertainment Weekly’s special collector’s issue “How To Break Into ShowBiz”. Scriptapalooza was contacted in August by Entertainment Weekly staff writer Noah Robischon, for more information on the company and the past winners. Mr. Robischon’s article “Surfing Into ShowBiz” features the top companies that help filmmakers, writers, actors , musicians and execs break into the the entertainment business online. Scriptapalooza is featured with such companies as iFilmPro, Amazon and Zoetrope Virtual Studios. Page 39.

3rd Place winner develops relationship with 2 production companies
Sang Kyu Kim, the 3rd place winner of the 2000 Screenwriting Competition, wrote “Third Class Cry”. The outstanding writing in this dark drama has garnered interest from Bridget Johnson Films and Flying Freehold Productions. Through “Third Class Cry”, Sang has developed relationships with these two companies who will be reading his latest screenplay, which he is currently working on. Comments from top production companies keep coming in about Sang’s excellent style of writing and that he is certainly a hot new screenwriter to watch. He will be rising to the top very quickly.

Dan Wigutow Prods. contacts 2nd Place Winner
They have contacted us, Scriptapalooza for Rick’s contact information. He wrote “A Little Left Of Center Field”.

Edmonds Entertainment contacts 2nd Place Winner
Another door has been opened for our 2nd Place winner, “A Little Left Of Center Field”, written by Rick Livingston.

Universal Pictures will make 1999 2nd Place Winner
Marc Platt Productions, who optioned the script, will make “Falling Over Venus” written by Andrea Bailey, with Universal Pictures. “We’re very excited to see that in our first year as a competition, we were able to accomplish so much”, says Scriptapalooza President Mark Andrushko.

Edmonds Ent. requests 4 runners-up
Edmonds Entertainment has requested 4 runners-up from us. They are “Out of the Corner” by Bill Knuth, “Rex” by Thomas Garvey, “The Last Train” by Jane Ilsa Wells and Ian W. Ginsburg and “Social Insecurity” by Steve Wisniewski.

Adam Fields request runner-up
Adam Fields request to read, “Out of the Corner” by Bill Knuth.

Showtime requests to come aboard and read scripts
Barbara, from Development has requested to read last year’s “Red, White and Grey” and has requested all of the winners of this year.

Klasky-Csupo gives development deal
Klasky-Csupo has given Jamie Wilson, a Scriptapalooza 1999 runner-up, a development deal with their company. Jamie wrote “Size Matters”.

Atlas Entertainment joins our team
With credits like “12 Monkeys”, “Sister Act II”, “Three Kings” and “Cool Runnings”, we are proud to include them on our list.

Roadside Attractions comes aboard
Credits include “Trick” and “The Shoe”. They also produce, do production finance and provide finishing funds for films.

Screenplay.com and scriptapalooza sign a 3 year deal
Screenplay Systems (screenplay.com) and Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition sign a 3 year deal to present the next 3 competitions.

Cosgrove-Meurer requests 5 scripts
Cosgrove-Meurer requested to read, “Soul To Keep”, “Cruel Logic”, “Size Matters”, “Brave Men Run In My Family” and “Black and Blue”.

Yahoo internet life magazine mentions Scriptapalooza
Scriptapalooza was mentioned in the magazine in the April issue on Page 142.

Samuel Goldwyn Films sign on as participant
Samuel Goldwyn, known for films like “Madness of King George”, “La Femme Nikita” and “American Buffalo” have agreed to sign on as a participant. “Scriptapalooza is very excited to work with such a major force in the industry”, says Mark Andrushko, President of Scriptapalooza.

4 more companies jump aboard to view Scriptapalooza winners
The Steve Tisch Company, Graup Entertainment, IMMI and Image Group Entertainment have come aboard to read the 1999 winners and the 2000 winners in August.

Licht-Mueller requests 3 scripts from Scriptapalooza
Ben Sitzer, Development, has requested to read “Size Matters” by Jamie Wilson, “Black & Blue” by Mike Baranik and “Schwinn Varsity” by Richard Eschenroeder and Andrew G. Smith.

1999 Headlines

Somers Teitelbaum David requests 3 of Scriptapalooza’s Winners
A management company from Los Angeles requested to read “Soul to Keep” by Sean McElhiney, “Cruel Logic” by Brian Godawa and “Traveling Man” by Jason Levin, Debbie Goodstein and Sandy Kobrin.

Entrepreneur Business Start-Ups Magazine features Scriptapalooza’s Founders
The article features 4 Hollywood companies, January issue, Page 11.

Firebrand Productions requests 2 of Scriptapalooza’s top 13 scripts
Amanda Micallef, after reading the log lines, has requested to read “Hallooweenie” by Stephen Kelvin Watkins and “The Best Man” by James P. Donnelly. These 2 scripts are part of Scriptapalooza’s top 13 winners.

Rebellion Pictures requests Scriptapalooza’s top 3 winners
Amy M. Wagner, Development Department has requested to read the winners.

PLus Films captivated by Scriptapalooza Winner
PLus Films, has expressed major interest in Scriptapalooza’s 2nd Place Winner “Falling Over Venus” written by Andrea Bailey.

Marc Platt Prods. has expressed interest in Scriptapalooza’s Winner
Marc Platt Productions, who have a deal with Universal Pictures has expressed major interest in Scriptapalooza’s 2nd Place Winner “Falling Over Venus” written by Andrea Bailey. And 2 runners-up: “Schwinn Varsity” by Richard Eschenroeder and Andrew G. Smith and “Size Matters” by Jamie Wilson.

United Talent Agency wants Scriptapalooza’s Winners
United Talent Agency, a powerhouse in LA, requested to see the winners of the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. “We’re very excited, literary agents are now approaching us, and we’re handing them excellent material”, says Mark Andrushko, of Scriptapalooza.

Adam Fields Productions enamored by Scriptapalooza Winner
Adam Fields Productions, is captivated by Andrea Bailey’s script “Falling Over Venus”. They have contacted Andrea directly and have established communication and a desire to develop the project.

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