2024 Headlines

2024 Headlines

DUSK premieres at Berlin Film Festival
Vasilios Bouzas premieres his film, “DUSK,” at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival this week.

Reflecting on the transformative journey, Bouzas acknowledges the pivotal role played by organizations like Scriptapalooza in nurturing emerging talents within the industry. With gratitude, he reminisces about the invaluable feedback and guidance received during his formative years as a first-time writer.

“I think back at the years that have passed and the job you guys do at Scriptapalooza is great in helping people like myself (first timers) get started in the industry,” shares Bouzas. “The feedback you gave me on my script all those years ago was very thorough and it set me on the right direction where from there I developed a novella and passed on your notes to producers here in Australia.”

Traction Pictures request 8 scripts
Jason Tamasco of Traction Pictures has requested to read Uncontacted, Wildcat and the American Boredom, Beyond Us, Fear the Dark, Valhalla, Dice, Time’s Past and Love in the times of Robots and Aliens.

Intellectual Property Group request 6 scripts
Leslie Conliffe of Intellectual Property Group has requested to read Nightmares From a Past Life, Uncontacted, Grocery Wars, Wildcat and the American Boredom, The Hunchback of Notre Dame High School and Lost Cause.

Authentic Literary Management request 2 scripts
Mitch Solomon of Authentic Literary Management has requested to read Wildcat and the American Boredom and Grocery Wars.

Innovative Artists request 3 scripts
Joe Arciniega of Innovative Artists has requested to read El Gato, Uncontacted and Nightmares From a Past Life.

Full Auto Films request 2 scripts
Chad Ridgely of Full Auto Films has requested to read Uncontacted and Predator.

Davis Entertainment request 2 scripts
Brittany Pratt of Davis Entertainment has requested to read El Gato and Wildcat and the American Boredom.

The Radmin Company request 4 scripts
Andrew Urban of The Radmin Company has requested to read Uncontacted, Fear the Dark, New Columbia and Lanes, Amerika.

Select Films request 1 script
Campbell McInnes of Select Films has requested to read Uncontacted.

Culture Creative request 1 script
Evan Gruters of Culture Creative has requested to read Uncontacted.

Sinister House Films request 1 script
Lance Patrick of Sinister House Films has requested to read The Heavy.

Pangea Films request 3 scripts
John Schultz of Pangea Films has requested to read Nightmares from a Past Life, El Gato and Picture Us in the Light.

Amazon Studios request 3 scripts
Patrick O’Brien of Amazon Studios has requested to read The Heavy, Valhalla and Fire Academy.

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